A message from Jon Griffith, our CEO & Founder




CSIF GLOBAL GROUP was founded in 2009 and consists of operations that form a strategic position to add value to both private and public sector entities that wish to grow and/or globalize in a responsible and sustainable way.  Research indicates that companies with an international and ethical focus demonstrate more growth and are more stable than companies with just one market. If you are thinking about growing or offering your product or service to more markets then CSIF can help you. 


Our portfolio consists of operating in many EMEA countries and also in Asia, Latin America and the USA.  We support your organization in whatever way necessary to help realise your projects.  We work with small companies, large corporations and agencies who have one thing in common - they think big!  Our reputation depends on your success. 


Everything starts with a thought, allow us to do the rest - you imagine it, we build it!



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